Project Description

Sky 30 x 60

The Artists in the ancient times were creative in drawing the calligraphy in Arabic and Foreign languages and its fonts to express artistic portrait. Based on the value of the character in the artistic formation and from new artistic vision, the artist introduced a design of decoration for kitchens which was based on the formation of the character and by the values of arts such as mass and space, in addition to the movement as a creative vision with the depth to specify dimensions, without leaving behind the effect of shadows and light to have the embodiment and persuasion. All of the above is joined with the effect of marble lined with dark brown and warm beige to create a special artistic melody for a unique and modern kitchen.


Wall Tiles

Beige 30×60

Brown 30×60

Listello 10×60

Décor 30×60

Floor Tiles

Beige 60×60