Company Snapshot

Initially the company used import ceramic tiles from abroad which was familiar at that time. But the size of imports was growing fast which was affecting the country investments and this leads to a decision from the company to minimize the size of importations and support the Egyptian product, and from this point the Egyptian Group for Manufacturing Investments EGMI was created. The group is divided into several factories including “Ceramica Prima” company, Fritage Factory, and working now on finalizing our carton factory, and also a colors factory.

When establishing Ceramica Prima Company and creating the factory it turns out that we need to support the Egyptian market with the Fritage because it is one of the most important and efficient ingredients that enters in the stage of production of ceramic tiles and creates its insulating material. And from here the idea of creating a series of factories to support the production of ceramics began where we started by the Fritage company but we didn’t stop there.

Ceramica Prima factory is located in the fifth industrial district at El Sadat city on the Cairo-Alexandria desert highway. This location was chosen in this spot in particular for many reasons, the first one is that we have a strong believe and faith in reconstruction of the homeland and the creation of new cities for the civilians to profit from them in working and living and the development of the society, and also for environmental reasons since the factory shouldn’t be surrounded by residential gathering because they are full of raw materials and furnaces.

The History Of Foundation

The cornerstone to build Ceramica Prima Factory was placed in April 1995 and the construction work started in May 1996, as for the small fieldwork it started in August 1997. And the company first products were made on the same year.

The production started in Ceramica Prima Factory in a limited way confined on small sizes and certain types only. As our interest is to please all the different tastes, we worked hardly to expand in creating new forms and sizes and models, in where we are now producing “walls – floors – Décor – Zocalo – Crystal” and we also create different sizes which suit all tastes in addition to the availability of making it punched and visible.


Excellence in ceramic tiles industry, complementary & feeding industries through a strong and flexible management able to anticipate and deal with changing conditions through development and continuous improvement.


To offer distinct production of ceramic and complementary industries through innovation, elegance and beauty of design. To comply to the highest specifications of international quality standards. To achieve customer satisfaction by committing to the standards of excellence in customer service by investing in our partners (employees) and development of our society and protect our environment.


Accuracy to ensure quality

Honesty to build trust.

Sense of beauty for luxurious designs.

Safety for humans and environment.

Compliance to laws and regulations.

Business Strategy

What distinguish Ceramica Prima is the strength of its product, first of all from the distinctive figures because we have a team of highly-efficient designers works on creating new and special designs that suits all tastes and we also use renewed colors to coop with the era. We have added the new technology in our production specially the digital printing technique and upon all that we have added accessories to the tiles to specialize the décor and create a talking piece of art.

And what makes us successful is our investment in the community success as we started with average of 500 worker and employees now we have over 1500. And what makes us the proudest is owning several international quality certificates and they are ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and ISO 9001:2008.
And these certificates gave us distinction in our laboratories and we exclusively have provided the standards of international quality on the Egyptian territory.

Let’s not forget the expansion in the machines used and also its development which leads to our powerful existence in the Egyptian market and this level is stable since the beginning of production and this is the reason of our solid reputation until now since that we have over 80 agents all over Egypt and its suburban and our relationship with them is based on mutual respect and total commitment. Similar to our expansion in the global market and exporting Ceramica Prima product to more than 35 countries all over the world and we have number of agents in countries in Africa and Asia. And we have to mention that all our exporters prefer Ceramica Prima product because of its solidity and withstanding the different weather conditions and the high quality of the tiles. And all of the above forms an internal and external support from Ceramica Prima to the Egyptian investments.

Nevertheless, the secret of success of Ceramica Prima and what differentiate us is that we chose from the beginning a new unprecedented technology in in the tiles production so we have investigated find out the best solution to have the strongest tile and we have identified the double fire technology. We have introduced this technology in Egypt for the first time and it is exclusive here, in this technology we burn the tile on two times separately in two different steps to give it strength and better quality which can’t be compared with any other product. Also, double fire technology made us achieve our target in producing a strong flawless product because most of the defects forms in the step of burning so the double fire technology solves the surface flaws and also the internal flaws.

Quality Certificates

All of our product must go through the next tests before being distributed in the market:

  1. Breakage Resistance.
  2. Static Friction Resistance.
  3. Cracking Resistance.
  4. Eroding
  5. Water Absorption.

And the results of this tests must be in accordance with the specification of the Egyptian standards. S.E.S number 3168 -6 /2005-Saudi Arabia 1998 /1031 SASO- Emirates 97 /779- Jordan third group B3.
And all of the above is done in Ceramica Prima central lab which include the newest ceramic testing machines and obtain the ISO1725 certificate, and it is the first lab in Egypt that was given this certificate. Nevertheless, no other ceramic companies in Egypt have this certificate on the contrary some of the companies when they want to export their products they visit our labs to get tested and gets their guaranteed certificate from Ceramica Prima labs.