The factory of Ceramica Prima is established at the fifth industrial zone at Sadat City, one of the most recent industrial zones in Egypt.

Ceramic Prima has set its production strategies from the very beginning. These strategies may be characterized as:
From the first day of operation, we have specific targets that we do need to achieve:
High quality production.
Wide range of products (where the factory produces a variety of 300 models of various sizes).
The management team of Ceramica Prima has also selected a unique position in the market through selecting an unbeatable competitive advantage that entitles the implementation of the “Double-firing Technology”. Double firing technology guarantees for our customers the following features:
Maximum strength.
Reduction in water absorption.
Wear and abrasion resistance.
High performance against friction.
Chemical resistance.
Guaranteeing high-precision, flatness and smoothness.
Producing striking uniform and harmony in colors and shades.